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The Bayside Legion

Join us on a journey across the map in pursuit of the greatest gamebird God created. The main premise behind our decision to film our spring seasons revolved around the increase in traveling as we progress further into our pursuit of the United States Slam - killing a wild turkey gobbler in all 49 states with a season.  Of course since we are avid waterfowl and sika deer hunters in addition to turkey addicts.. you can expect some of that as well while we wait for spring, as well as any and all of our outdoor lifestyles in this cherished land between the Delaware and Chesapeake bays. Please like, follow and share.. and welcome.. to the Bayside Legion


Derek Anderson

Derek is from North East, MD and grew up primarily hunting whitetails and waterfowl between Maryland and Delaware under the guidance of his father. He did not start turkey hunting until13 years old, spending several years chasing until finally killing his first longbeard in 2005 at the age of 19.  The addiction grew strong and while chasing earlier season dates to put himself in the spring woods as many days as possible, he would find his way to Florida to meet terrain and turkeys like he had never encountered before.  He fell in love with the experience and would soon realize the desire to chase the wild turkey all across the country to find them in any and all of the environments they inhabit.  


Bonce Stanley

Bonce is from Milford DE and got his start chasing turkeys at the ripe age of 1 year old when his father (Allan) called in a longbeard for him while he was wrapped in a camo bandana. Fast forward to 2001 when his father met a man by the name of Tom "Doc" Weddle in a turkey camp in South Carolina. Allan came home telling Doc’s story, traveling to all 49 states chasing wild turkey gobblers. Bonce’s life changed from that moment forward, but it wasn’t until 2011 that Bonce received his first taste of the traveling turkey hunter when he headed to Florida at the age of 23.  The obsession continued as time progressed and now the wanderlust to hear the next gobble, wherever that may be, drives Bonce's spring.


Jacob Stanley

Jacob, Bonce's brother, is from Dover, De.  His turkey hunting obsession started at the age of 8 with his first longbeard taken in Virginia.  Jacob has developed a unique style of turkey hunting over the years, mainly due to his lack of calling ability.  He prides himself on woodsmanship and lives for the spot and stalk.  His quest for 49 started while chasing turkeys in Hawaii, seeing a completely different landscape than he had ever seen before sparked a desire to chase these magnificent birds across this great country.  

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